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Supply Chain Technology Tip of the Day

Choosing an EDI vendor - especially one that integrates its EDI solution with your ERP system - is not simply a matter of choosing a commodity product on the basis of initial cost and perhaps feature sets, in order to meet a retailer's EDI mandate.Haitham Ghadiry

Give the Buyer What They Want

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The Supply Chain Software Buyer

What do supply chain software buyers care about? What are the most interesting warehouse management system (WMS) and direct store delivery (DSD)  trends? As a product marketing manager, Jennifer is on a mission to find out. What keeps supply chain software buyers awake at night? Which leg of their...
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FDA Issues its Own Progess Report on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The FDA recently released a report detailing the progress made thus far in the implementation of its Food Safety Modernization Act, signed into law by President Obama in 2011. This mammoth piece of legislation represented the most significant change to the powers of the FDA in 70 years, and, as is...
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Video: Warehouse Management System (WMS) Upgrades—Playing Monopoly with Real Money

So you might be thinking it’s a stretch to compare warehouse management systems (WMS) to the game of Monopoly, but they are more similar than you think. Let’s take the example of a company that implements an enterprise WMS and is pleased with the results they are achieving, until they find out that...
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Video: Relax and Send Your Warehouse Management Worries to the Cloud

Putting your warehouse management software in the cloud eliminates the everyday 'grunt' work involved in maintaining an on-premise WMS, like upgrades and patches and disaster recovery plans. Watch this 1-minute video to learn how HighJump's cloud-based warehouse management system is simple...
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Video: An "App Store" for Your WMS Software

What if you could add functionality to your warehouse management software much like you do to your smart phone? The HighJump Software App Station enables you to browse and download new functionality for many of your WMS needs for free. No costly, time-consuming change orders. Watch this 2-minute...
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Video: Scale Up or Down With Demand With Cloud-Based WMS

When you install traditional on-premise warehouse management software, you’ve first got to buy the hardware to back it up based on your highest point of demand, even if your volumes vary drastically throughout the year. When you put your WMS in the cloud, it's elastic and scalable so you can access...
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Groundbreaking Video: Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Boss Goes Undercover!

When a direct store delivery (DSD) business owner goes undercover on his company's DSD mobile sales and delivery routes, the results are hilarious...and quite disturbing for the DSD boss! Browse each episode in the series and prepare to laugh out loud. Don't forget to share the link with your DSD...
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Video: The "App Store" for Warehouse Management Systems

Tired of costly, time-consuming warehouse management system (WMS) change orders? The HighJump Software App Station enables you to browse and download new functionality for many of your WMS needs for free. Watch this 2-minute video explaining the difference between the traditional WMS change...
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Video: How Warehouse Management System (WMS) Upgrades Are Like Monopoly

Does your warehouse management system (WMS) vendor force you to pay through the nose for upgrades? Do you feel like you're trapped, with no option but to pay up or throw the system out? Isn't there a better way to manage WMS upgrades? Watch this two-minute video to see how WMS upgrades can be like a...
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George R. O’Connor & Associates Chooses HighJump RouteCenter On-Demand

HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain management software, today announced that George R. O’Connor & Associates has selected HighJump RouteCenter On-Demand to increase route accounting system (RAS) efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Based in Little Rock, AR, George R. O’Connor &...
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New Whitepaper: WMS In the Cloud Economics—Four Lessons to Learn

Those who see cloud as simply the next stage of technology are missing the economic benefits of moving from on-premise software to the cloud. Warehouse management system (WMS) technology is now available in a cloud delivery model from HighJump, offering a lower cost, reduced risk option. With WMS in...
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