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Supply Chain Technology Tip of the Day

Choosing an EDI vendor - especially one that integrates its EDI solution with your ERP system - is not simply a matter of choosing a commodity product on the basis of initial cost and perhaps feature sets, in order to meet a retailer's EDI mandate.Haitham Ghadiry

Direct Store Delivery and Mobility

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HighJump Software Joins Committee to Determine Global Supply Chain Standards

HighJump Software announced today that it has joined the DEX/Direct Store Delivery committee of GS1 US, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of the supply chain. The GS1...
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HighJump Software Earns SOC Certification

HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain management software, announced today that its HighJump RouteCenter On-Demand (RCOD) solution has earned SOC certification by the American Institute of CPAs. SOC (service organization controls) is the widely accepted industry standard that provides...
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DSD Solutions May Help Beer Industry Navigate Change

At the recent National Beer Wholesaler’s Convention, the industry’s top executives discussed volume volatility and the impact of craft beers on the market. A piece on Brewbound.com reported that the overall volume of beer is being impacted by wine and spirits and a streak of poor growing conditions...
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Changing Wine Habits Drive Direct Store Delivery Business

By many accounts, the U.S. wine market is changing rapidly: More consumers are buying wine online, New Zealand wines are growing in popularity and increased transparency in wine pricing is narrowing the cost gap. With changes like this and more, it’s fair to say that wine distributors and sellers...
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Going Global? Three Tips from our CEO

There’s no 10-step plan that guarantees success when entering a foreign market, but in this column for Modern Materials Handling, our CEO Russell Fleischer discusses best practices for companies eyeing markets abroad. By focusing on product innovation, creating a passionate team culture and...
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Case study: Lojas Renner of Brazil

Lojas Renner is the second largest clothing retailer in Brazil and operates nearly 200 stores in all 27 Brazilian states. With a goal to be one of the largest retailers in the Americas, supply chain management is a crucial process for the company, so it selected Otimis, HighJump Software’s partner...
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Setting the Stage for Innovation

For those of us in the software industry, there is constant pressure to innovate, innovate, innovate. We hear and see the word everywhere, and so I found this Industry Week piece by Jamie Flinchbaugh interesting. I encourage you to take a moment, read through it, and think about whether your company...
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Sparkling Wines are Bubbling Up

Our taste for sparkling wine is growing – and fast! Technomic’s Trends in Adult Beverage series reports that 2012 saw more than a six percent increase in imported volume and continued growth is expected this year. Italian and Spanish sparkling wines are leading the charge and outpacing domestic...
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Flexible and Adaptable…just like a Twinkie

Hostess announced that the Twinkie is back and will be rolled out to Wal-Mart stores this month, followed by more retailers throughout the U.S. Ho Hos, Suzy Qs and Sno-balls will also soon make their way to store shelves. Health foodies may lament its return, but I think the Twinkie is a good...
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More Students are Eyeing Supply Chain Careers

Most people don’t regard supply chain management work as particularly exciting: They think it’s dirty, boring or repetitious. As someone who knows that those perceptions don’t match reality, I was happy to read a recent BusinessWeek article that said MBA graduates who have specialized skills in...
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