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Supply Chain Technology Tip of the Day

Choosing an EDI vendor - especially one that integrates its EDI solution with your ERP system - is not simply a matter of choosing a commodity product on the basis of initial cost and perhaps feature sets, in order to meet a retailer's EDI mandate.Haitham Ghadiry

Aiding the Fight for Competitive Advantage

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Aiding the Fight for Competitive Advantage

One would think that the term “extremely extroverted tech geek” would be an oxymoron of sorts. However, I find it the only phrase adequate enough to summarize my passion for software and personality. Look people, I <3 technology and I chose to join HighJump Software because HighJump Software not...
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My Direct Store Delivery Route Ride-along

Last week, I had the privelege of meeting the greatest salesman I will ever meet.  Clay sells bread for a HighJump direct store delivery (DSD) customer called Pan O’ Gold.  I spent the day with him to learn more about how he uses our direct store delivery software. By riding along with him on his...
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Is Maintaining Servers What You Do Best?

Our customers who have opted for HighJump warehouse management software (WMS) or direct store delivery (DSD) software in the cloud tell us that cloud deployment allows them to do what they do best, namely serve their customers. So in a way, the decision to put your supply chain management software...
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The Security of the Cloud

HighJump Software really took a leap of faith when we invested into attaining the ability to offer our solution in the cloud.  It was an innovative initiative that new business opportunities as well as existing customers continue to thank us for by opting for our cloud deployment.  Here at HighJump,...
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Top Resources for Selecting a Warehouse Management System

Understanding your IT department’s methodologies for selecting which software applications to consider evaluating can seem to be a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.  We often encounter individuals who have submitted proposals for warehouse management system (WMS) evaluation only to...
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Visible Awesomeness: HighJump Participates in Movember

Dictionary.com defines awesome as “Inspiring awe:  an awesome sight.”  But if I asked you to draw “awesome” would you be able to?  We can’t either here at HighJump.  However, we can grow awesome.  How does one “grow” awesome?...  mustaches. At the beginning of November HighJump...
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21st Annual Retail Technology Survey from Gartner and RIS News

It’s that time of year – when the eagerly anticipated Annual Retail Technology Study from Gartner and RIS News is published. Being a technology provider for retailers, this is always particularly interesting to us. This year, the overriding strategies that emerge from the study are cost containment...
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Sustainability Initiatives Can Win Business and Save Money

Many companies are going a step beyond the standard green initiatives, applying “out of the box” thinking to uncover untapped opportunities to be friendlier to the environment and to the bottom line at the same time. Using smaller, lighter packing, optimizing travel routes and cutting CO2 emissions...
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Four Secrets of Best in Class Direct Store Delivery Providers

The best in the direct store delivery business take technology beyond expected tasks such as GPS route mapping, handheld scanning and printing invoices on-site. They’re able to go above and beyond to actually shape customer demand, eliminate stock-outs and waste, win customer loyalty and ultimately...
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Get that Slim Summer Source Code You’ve Always Wanted- Finally, a Lean Mean Software Machine

Ok, so maybe you don’t think about the fitness of your source code but maybe you should. Enterprise applications can become bogged down with lines of code that are not relevant to you and your firm. This is called “code bloat.” This can spill over to the real estate of your screen and take up...
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Five Ways Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Can Rapidly Reduce Costs by Up to 30 Percent

Taking a close look at transportation and TMS is an important step toward driving measurable cost reductions. A robust, adaptable TMS helps ensure customer shipments leave your facility on time and on a path optimized with the lowest cost in mind.  Here are five areas to consider: Contract...
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