Introducing an "App Store" for Supply Chain Software: The HighJump App Station

The most adaptable warehouse management system (WMS) just got even more flexible.

What if there was an “app store” for your supply chain management software? What if you could browse and add functionality to your warehouse management system (WMS) anytime—similar to how you add new apps to your smart phone? With the HighJump™ App Station™, now you can.

HighJump customers: click to log in to HighJump App Station

Video: How the HighJump App Station solves problems created by traditional WMS software

With the HighJump App Station you can:

  • Access a steady stream of new supply chain innovations
  • Maintain only the functionality you need
  • Keep scheduled upgrades quick and simple
  • Personalize new apps without disturbing existing supply chain workflows
  • Add functionality without costly, time-consuming custom coding

Download the HighJump App Station datasheet

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